All our marine fuel products adhere to all upgraded specifications as recommended by the classification societies and are always high-quality, blended to your specifications and tested thoroughly to ensure client satisfaction.

Marine bunker fuels available at all South African ports include:

  • Marine Fuel Oil – ranging from 60 cSt to a max 180 cSt (RMG 180 ISO 8217:2010 spec)
  • Marine Gasoil – meeting DMA and DMB specs
  • Automotive Gasoil – sulphur content of 0,05%, delivered only via road tanker to vessel.

Marine bunker fuel can be supplied via the following methods, depending on port infrastructure:

  • Pipeline
  • Barge
  • Operational tanks
  • Road tanker
  • Offshore tanker vessel


As Cape Town has been identified as a gateway for many operators, agencies and research ice-breaker vessels en route to Antarctica, we have deemed it essential to be able to provide a full range of services and products to service the ice-breakers within a limited period, while they are preparing to leave for Antarctica. Recently we have also noticed an increase in the activities of the Antarctica operators and agencies.

World Marine offers a broad range of aviation related services, including:

  • Handling, transportation and delivery of Jet A1, Avgas, Polar Diesel and Aviation lubricants,
  • Storage of Aviation Lubricants
  • Into-aircraft delivery at Cape Town International Airport
  • Sampling of product via industry-approved surveyors
  • Specialist aviation fuelling equipment for pumping product onboard ice-breaker and aircraft fuel systems

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Our services also include the supply of marine lubricants to our clientele, namely:

  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Degreaser

These lubricants are available for supply in all grades and brands, and packaging comes in 20ltr pales, 210 ltr drums or bulk delivery via barge. As a bunker trader, dealing with international clientele, we deem it essential to be able to trade and supply all industry brands, such as:

  • Mobil
  • BP Castrol
  • TotalFinaElfl
  • Shell


As a leading bunker supplier, we expanded our services about five years ago to be able to supply our clientele offshore via ship to ship supply. We have a strong working relationship and joint venture with a reputable international company with a specialized bunker and trading division and various tanker vessels operating along the West African coast.

Clients who request offshore STS bunkers include fishing vessels, diamond mining vessels, offshore drilling vessels (too large to enter port) and container vessels en route to a West African port. We have successfully bunkered vessels offshore Robben Island, South Africa, as well as offshore Walvis Bay, Namibia, within the 200 EEZ zone.


Below is a list of products and services that we have sourced and supplied recently:

  • Maritime: Full range of ship supplies and spares, from anchors to zinc anodes, including rigging, machinery, electric and electronic instruments.
  • Heavy machinery: Bulldozers, excavators, front-end loaders, tipper-trucks, graders, cranes, tools, engines, spares, etc.
  • Vehicles: Trucks, crane-trucks, light-duty vehicles, water and fuel tankers, consumables, spares, accessories, etc.
  • Safety: Full range of personal protection equipment, smoke and fire detection equipment, fire-fighting supplies, maritime survival gear and instruments.
  • Chemicals: Water desalination and purification plant chemicals, industrial and domestic chemicals, fuel-purifiers.
  • Filtration: Full range of filters from all leading manufacturers, OEM or alternative makes.
  • Communication: Radio and satellite communication equipment, vehicle, desk-mounted and handheld radios (VHF/UHF), telephone systems.
  • Electrical: Electrical equipment, light fittings, flood lights, instrumentation and power cables, power tools, transformers, sub-sea electrical motors and umbilical cables, generators, voltage stabilisers, etc.
  • Electronics: Inverters, transformers, temperature probes, ultrasonic level and flow measuring equipment, cables, connectors, relays, timers, automation and control equipment, LVDTs, components, measuring and recording instruments, etc.
  • Rigging equipment: Shackles, webbing, chain and wire slings, wires, crane hooks.
  • Computers: Computers, software, servers, UPS, peripherals, printers, consumables.
  • Miscellaneous: Sub-sea cameras and instruments, core sampling tools, analytical instruments, water pumps, batteries, office equipment, office furniture, furniture, hardware products, building supplies, complete mobile and permanent camp equipment, stationery, positioning systems, radars.
  • Plant and machinery: Construction plant and machinery including brick-making machines, fuel and water storage tanks, fuel purification systems, conveyors, generators, site containers, valves, pipes, dam liners, diamond mining plants and spares, X-ray sorters and spares.
  • Security: CCTV cameras and recording equipment and software, access control equipment (electronic and mechanical), fencing, etc.
  • Lubrication: Full range of lubricants and lubrication equipment (manual and automated).
  • Hydraulics: Components, power-packs, motors, pumps, winches, etc.
  • Catering: Full range of products, food supplies, ovens, etc.
  • Medical: equipment and consumables, resuscitation equipment, infirmary supplies.
  • Freight: Road freight, sea freight, air freight with regular and chartered flights (up to 30 tons per load), urgent freight by travelling courier (hand delivery).
  • Tailor-made solutions: We design solutions for specific client needs.
  • Equipment: We offer new, second-hand and purpose-built equipment.