Aviation Fuels & Lubricants

Cape Town has been identified as a gateway for many operators, agencies and research ice-breaker vessels en route to Antarctica, as such we provide a full range of services and products to service the ice-breakers at short notice when they have to leave for Antarctica.

Jet A1
– bulk delivery via road tanker into vessel’s holding tanks or tanktainers

Jet A1 is a kerosene grade fuel suitable for most turbine engine aircraft. It has a flash point minimum of 38°C (100°F) and a freeze point maximum of -47°C. Jet A1 – epicoated sealed 200 ltr drums, pre-ordered, stored if required and delivered to vessel.

Polar Diesel/Arctic Marine Diesel

Polar Diesel is a high-quality, highly refined, low-sulphur light distillate fuel exhibiting extremely low cold filter plugging point characteristics ideally suited to extreme sub-zero operating conditions.

Aviation Lubricants

For our aviation clients, we sell and procure piston engine oils, synthetic turbine oils, hydraulic fluids/degreasers and associated products. We only make use of the four major oil internationals when it comes to procuring any aviation lubricants.

Starting Aid Capsules

An instant starting aid with upper cylinder lubricant is available for all engines to help prevent starting problems in cold weather.

Petrol – drummed in 210/200 ltr drums

Many of our clients also request petrol ULP 95, to be drummed and delivered to vessel. For use in vehicles, snow mobiles and generators.