Bunker Fuels & Marine Lubricants


Local Fuel Supply

We currently supply bunkers to various fishing fleets in all Southern African ports. For our local fishing clientele, we are capable of offering a “one stop shop solution” in terms of Diesel, Lubricants and LPGas.

International Fuel Supply

We are capable of supplying any foreign flagged vessel with an international next port of call, with duty-free bunkers. We currently supply bunkers in all international ports across the world.

Methods of Delivery

Marine bunker fuels can be supplied via the following methods, depending on port infrastructure:

  • Pipeline – only available in hub-ports, not in small ports.
  • Barge – only available in hub-ports, not in small ports.
  • Operational tanks – in smaller ports we have our own operational tanks, making it possible to assistour smaller fishing clientele in a much more efficient manner.
  • Road tanker – can be used when the vessel cannot be accessed via barge, and/or when it is not lying close to a bunker pit.
  • Offshore tanker vessel – for supply to vessels/oil rigs and drilling ships operating around the SouthAfrican and Namibian coast – ship to ship transfer on high seas.
Mechanical Assistance/Bunker OPS Team

24/7 mechanic on standby and present at every delivery to oversee the site and ensure vessel fitting/coupling is compatible with road tanker. These services are founded on technical knowledge and operational experience acquired in the servicing of the Antarctica operators. We have a history and track record in the aviation fuelling business that speaks for itself.

Our services also include the supply of marine lubricants to our clientele, namely: Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Degreasers, to name a few. We procure from all Brands such as Castrol, Shell, Total, Engen, Mobil etc.

These lubricants are available for supply in all grades and brands, and packaging comes in 20 ltr pales, 210 ltr drums or bulk delivery via barge. As a bunker trader, dealing with international clientele, we deem it essential to be able to trade and supply all industry brands.