Technical Equipment & Spares

The technical department offers cost-effective procurement and logistics services to clients in Africa and all other continents. With over 21 years of hands-on experience in the shipping, offshore and land-based diamond mining industries including operations, procurement, supply chain management and all transport, freight, customs-clearing arrangements, we have established a reputation for our resourcefulness, dedication and perseverance, and for delivering quality products on time at the best price possible.

In essence, we can promptly source and procure any items you may require and have them delivered to any destination.

Having developed and implemented successful procurement and supply strategies and infrastructure for various international companies, we can assist you in developing your own facilities. With a network of suppliers and clearing agents stretching across all continents, plus our experience in procuring items from all corners of the world and getting them to some of the more remote places in Africa, we offer our clients personalised and dedicated services with 24/7 availability.


The technical department offers cost-effective procur

  • Procurement: Standard and express (accelerated) procurement of any items you may require.
  • Logistics: Delivery of your goods or goods procured for you to any destination.
  • Ship owners and operators: We can have your spares wait for your ship in its next port of call.
  • 24-hour availability: In emergencies, contact us at any time; we will attend to your needs promptly.
  • Special solutions: Nothing is too big, too soon or too far.
    For example: World Marine has sent a complete functional diamond mine including processing plant, front-end loader, excavator and spares by air-freight, achieving operational status within 15 days from dispatch to one of the most remote places in Africa.
  • We have access to cargo planes up to IL76 that can carry as much as 40 tons, depending on the distance and length of runway, and that can carry up to 3 x 20 containers on each flight.